Cities in Crisis Due to Pollution


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Today human population is in migration from towns and villages to cities. The city populations are increasing tremendously in the last decades or so. There are a number of cities today all over the world with populations larger than many countries. Cities like Shanghai, Manila, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Mumbai, New York, Delhi, Mexico City, Guangzhou, Seoul and Tokyo have millions of people living in them from various walks of life. Tokyo has a population of around 34 million people and is said to be the world’s largest city in terms of population. There are also hundreds of cities all over the world with large populations. A major crisis in these cities today is pollution.

Cities in Crisis due to Pollution

Many of the world cities are facing a lot of problems due to the over pollution that is taking place in the cities. According to a recent survey there are many cities in Asia, particularly in India that are very polluted and the levels of pollution are actually quite dangerous to the inhabitants of these cities. Smoke, smog, dirt, air pollution, industrial pollution, transportation and a lax in implementation of rules is a major reason for pollution in these cities all over the world. Garbage, shanty towns and lack of proper shelter and sanitation facilities for the vast populations of these cities causes pollution in these cities and also causes an unsanitary and unhygienic environment.

The air quality of these cities is extremely poor and in some cases pollution is so widespread that even the visibility in these cities becomes a major concern.
There is a widespread increase in health concerns related to pollution in these cities. Top on the list of medical concerns due to pollution in these cities is respiratory and cardio-vascular disorders. Pollution causes many health concerns like cystic fibrosis, lung disorders, cancer and spread of diseases in unhygienic and unsanitary areas also affects children living in these cities in a large way.

There are some countries in the world that have imposed strict pollution rules in their cities to control pollution and give their citizens a better environment to live in. However this is a small minority. Today cities around the world are over-flowing with inhabitants and environmental and pollution rules are getting violated all over the world every day. Better infrastructure, creation of many more cities and also a strict implementation of rules is essential for the crisis of pollution in the cities to be kept in check.

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