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Dear investors,

We are confident that 2015 will be extremely profitable for all investors of Balkan Emerging Frontiers Fund (BEF Fund). The countries south of Croatia, have the greatest potential for stock shares value growth in the world! Some of regional indices are at only around 10% -15% of their highest 2007 values! While many of the world’s indices already exceeded their 2007 maximums. All markets, without exception, fluctuate up and down until all extremes offset. That will also happen on stock exchanges where BEF Fund invests the vast majority of its portfolio. When stock indices in BEF Fund’s investment region will rise to only half (50%) of their 2007 records, this will represent about 230% growth. As always, there are still many skeptics, but then again the crowds always reacts later than smart investors and financial advisers. In March 2009 everyone was talking about the end of the financial world and overvaluation of US shares, however US and several other major world stock indices are growing for 6 years now, though with minor corrections.

One of freshest examples of market trends in contrast to general consensus (which is the rule rather than the exception, as otherwise everybody would be rich, which is impossible) is Slovenian Stock Exchange. In summer/autumn 2013 there was a general belief of nearing calamity of Slovenian public financial situation, imminent bankruptcy and the arrival of “Troika”. However, it was just then that record growth of some Slovenian shares began.

The countries that lie south of Croatia, are last such and at the same time the greatest investment opportunity in the world!

All this is described extensively in our latest Newsletter, sent out in late December last year. If you do not have it more, please let us know and we can re-sent it.

This year will be very successful for BEF Fund!

Kind regards,
Yours Balkan Emerging Frontiers Fund


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