Collectly raises $1.9 million to move debt collection online

A few months ago I wrote about a little startup called Collectly going after the big, inefficient debt collection industry by using […]

How Entrepreneurs Can Use IRAs to Finance Startups

While lots of advisers don’t recommend it, ROBS rules allow retirement withdrawals to fund a business Tom and Stacy Lee […]

And the world’s laziest countries are …

Many Americans are downright lazy. And it’s making us fat. That’s among the findings of a study by Stanford University […]

3 Unique Towns for Beachside Living on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast

By Jason Holland, International Living Among the 2.6 million visitors who come to Costa Rica each year, a big percentage […]

Think you’re buying on Amazon? It’s actually from Alibaba

Peter Koch, a 37-year-old engineer living in Serbia, says he’s making $3,000 every month by selling the same seven baby […]

Seniors Using ‘Gig Economy’ to Stretch Retirement Savings

The share of Americans working past age 64 has been rising for a few decades now. It recently stood at 19 […]

Are There Reasons Not to Have a Second Passport?

By Bob Bauman JD, International Living, I have accounts at the second largest U.S. bank, which has assets of $2.2 […]

A free robot lawyer is fighting parking tickets and much more

by Ethan Wolff-Mann In 2015, British entrepreneur—and current Stanford junior Joshua Browder—launched DoNotPay, a site offering consumers free help fighting parking […]

Social Security is Complicated: 3 Little-Known Rules

By Steve Garfink, International Living, People often ask me how Social Security became so complicated. The answer is that it […]

How to Retire Early With More Social Security Benefits

By Steve Garfink, International Living, When I speak to groups on Social Security claiming strategies I like to make it […]

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