A quick guide to asset classes

ne of the most fun things about managing your own investments is coming up with an asset allocation strategy to […]

Making Money with Chocolate in the Highlands of Panama

By Linda Card, International Living, “I wasn’t really looking to make a move at all,” says Deborah Gershon. “I came […]

How Much Money is Enough to Retire?

The clock is ticking for your retirement planning   By Dennis Miller Editor’s Note: Have you dreamt of quitting your job, […]

Home Comforts That Fit in Your Pocket

By Dan Prescher, International Living, Advances in the internet have changed so much about living or working abroad. My wife, […]

Meet the companies that are trying to profit from global warming

Global warming won’t necessarily be bad news for everyone. For some companies and countries, it might even prove quite lucrative. […]

5 Ways to Protect Yourself From a Stock Market Crash

Don’t be the fish in a Bear Market The first day of this year, 2016, the stock market tanked. As […]

Think Airbnb-but for recreational vehicles

A new entrant to the peer-to-peer economy hopes to capitalize on the trend of consumers who want to rent recreational […]

Rent For $390 a Month in a Poetry-Filled Spa Town

By Steenie Harvey, International Living, “You should come to visit this paradise. I have found curious romances and tales.” The […]

3 Golden Rules That Can Save You From Financial Ruin

There are countless investing rules, mantras and cliches out there ranging from extremely useful to downright dangerous. One of the […]

Top Selling Free Real Estate Investing Books

Do you own an Amazon (AMZN) Kindle? If so, lots of free books on real estate investing and stock market investing are […]

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