The Sotheby’s Indicator Points to Caution

BY CULLEN ROCHE  Just passing along some interesting thoughts from our friend Martin at Macronomics.  Not sure how useful this is, but [...]

10 Energy Stocks to Profit from Cheap Oil

Dan Hassey |  Last week we looked at the best ways to invest in oil, which in my experience has been to [...]

6 Signs of a Good Investment Process

In my baseball-playing days, I was on the mound in a big playoff game, and at a key moment in [...]

Advance Notice of the Next Market Crash

  Chris Mayer Fifty years after the 1929 crash, a group of money managers and investment thinkers put together a [...]

11 Countries Near Bankruptcy

By Alexander E.M. Hess and Alexander Kent July 31, 2014 6:33 pm EDT After years of bitter court battles with creditors, Argentina has [...]

The hare gets rich while you don’t. Back the passive tortoise

Dan McCrum  Part of the NO ALTERNATIVE: THE ZOMBIE HEDGE FUND INDUSTRY SERIES Nomura, as part of an excellent report looking [...]

California, New York Lead States With Immigrant Populations

By Douglas A. McIntyre  There were 40.7 million immigrants living in the United States in 2012. Of these, 11.7 million were [...]

Knifes, Cold Streaks, and Investment Process

I took a knife skills class recently in which the instructor taught us how to use 8 inch cooking knives [...]

Young, tech-savvy investors entrusting their portfolios to ‘robo advisors’

  In decades past, Wall Street urged investors to listen when E.F. Hutton spoke and to “Talk to Chuck” Schwab [...]

Your 5-Step Medical Tourism Checklist

Why Is U.S. Health Care So Much More Expensive? Jud Anglin After years of research and many conversations with health [...]

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