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Oxstones is emerging alternative investment ideas, tools, & stock picks.

The Ox represents leadership, wisdom, patience, strength, and hard work. It is the perfect symbol for investing. It is hard work to find great investment opportunities. There are no short cuts. We patiently ‘plow the fields’ and once in a while… we discover an ‘Oxstone,’ a great investment. We’d like to share that process with you on Oxstones.com with our emerging alternative investment ideas, tools, data, and stock picks.

Mastering the markets takes a lifetime. For many individual investors it’s a lifelong quest to solve the great investing challenge, to beat the markets consistently. For the majority this continues to be an elusive goal. Why not increase your chances for success by learning from like-minded individuals?

Our Mission is TO ENLIGHTEN, TO EMPOWER, AND TO EVOLVE AS INVESTORS. To educate both the young and old – To enlighten and empower them with knowledge and tools to evolve into better investors capable of managing their personal finances and retirement savings. The changing world order will continue to create dramatic volatility and uncertainty in our lifetime, but it will also present incredible rewards. In the Chinese language, ‘Crisis’ also means ‘Opportunity.’

Our Vision for this website is to reach individual investors globally and create an open environment to harness the power of collective intelligence to become better investors by sharing ideas and learning from each other. We focus on emerging alternative investing opportunities (nontraditional asset classes) – emerging and frontier equities, commodities, hedge funds, private equity, and real estate. We seek to exchange ideas and local market information about finance, macroeconomics, geopolitics, and businesses from the ground level in order to gain unique insights to find great investment opportunities (Oxstones) in foreign economies.


Kindest Regards,

Liu-Yue (Louie) Lam, Global Investment Strategist and Creative Problem Solver

A banker turned social finance entrepreneur. Liu-Yue built and managed two social enterprises to help make the world a better place. Liu-Yue co-founded Oxstones Investment Club a social financial education website that helps facilitate the exchange of ideas on emerging alternative investment opportunities along the new Silk Road. Liu-Yue also co-founded Cute Brands, Inc. Cute Brands is a cause-oriented character-based brand licensing and social impact fund that creates social awareness on global issues and societal challenges through character creations. Cute Brands also supports select charities (WWF, WCS, and ASPCA) through consumerism. Prior to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Liu-Yue worked as an Executive Associate at M&T Bank in the Structured Real Estate Finance Group where he worked with senior management on multiple bank-wide risk management projects. He also had a dual role as a commercial banker advising ultra high net worth clients on investments, credit, and banking needs while focused on residential CRE, infrastructure development, and affordable housing projects. Prior to M&T, he held a number of positions in emerging markets bonds and Latin American equities investment groups at SBC Warburg Dillon Read (Swiss Bank), OFFITBANK (the wealth management division of Wachovia Bank), and in small cap equities and special situation investing at Steinberg Priest Capital Management (family office). Liu-Yue has an MBA specializing in investment management and strategy from Georgetown University and a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Marketing from Stern School of Business at NYU. He also completed graduate studies in international management at the University of Oxford, Trinity College.


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