5 Tips to Ensure Your Accident at Work Compensation Claim is Paid


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If you suffered an accident in the workplace and have decide to claim compensation for personal injuries which resulted from the accident – the last thing you need is to encounter problems with the process or face difficulties with insurers unwilling to pay out. Here are some essential tips to ensure your claim for compensation goes smoothly and you receive the payment you are entitled to.

1. Report the accident
You should do this as soon as possible after the incident. Obviously if you need medical attention immediately following the accident, then this should be taken care of first. But as soon as you can, make an official report to your direct superior or person within the company responsible for health and safety and inform them of the accident. Don’t wait any longer than necessary to do this as it is often the case that workplace insurers will try and initially deny any claim if the accident was not reported within a reasonable time after the event. As a general rule, even if you only think you have sustained minor injuries or are only absent from work for a day, you should report the incident. This will improve your chances of avoiding any unnecessary delays if you do claim for workers’ compensation.

2. Gather evidence
Experts such as http://shireslaw.com recommend that you should compile all the relevant details and information about the accident including when, where and how the incident occurred, along with photos of any details such as the environment, obstacles, dangerous items or anything else which might have contributed to the accident. It also helps to get reports from other workers who witnessed the incident, explaining what they saw as the accident happened.

3. Get medical attention
Even if you think any injury is only minor, you should still seek medical attention. Make an appointment with your GP and explain what happened and any symptoms you may have. It is often the case that what might initially appear to be minor injuries can later turn into more serious conditions, and if you have not sought medical attention then insurers might argue that you were not hurt in the accident.

4. Explain exactly what happened
It’s extremely helpful if any medical records or treatment sought for injuries clearly states that the injuries were as a result of an accident suffered in the workplace. It is best to keep any explanation simple, but include all relevant details; it will help your case if all supporting evidence is clear that your injuries were sustained at work and as a result of the accident.

5. Seek legal advice
Clearly, making a claim for compensation is somewhat more complex than, for example, claiming for an auto accident. You should therefore seek advice from specialists in work accident claims, like http://shireslaw.com, to ensure that your case has the best possible chance of being successful and settled promptly and without any unnecessary hassle. Experts in this type of claim will be able to guide you and help present your claim in the best manner – to ensure a successful outcome.

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