1. Johnny Ward

After graduating from university in England, Johnny Ward booked a one-way flight to New York City and, though he paused to buy an apartment in Bangkok, he has not stopped traveling since. Ward invested $100 in a website that turned into a million-dollar travel blogging company. Now, even though he grew up on welfare in Ireland, he makes up to $60,000 a month while traveling the world.

2. Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly used to work on Wall Street before he began roaming the world full time as “The Points Guy.” Kelley runs a website that offers strategies for making the most of traveling. One of his biggest money-saving tips for travel addicts is to get the Sapphire Reserve credit card because it offers premium, relevant reward points.

3. Kate McCulley

Six years ago, Kate McCulley quit her online marketing job to travel alone. She began writing a blog and worked odd jobs to help fund her journey across 63 countries and six continents. Today, she is based out of New York and gets paid six figures to take expeditions and blog about her travels.

4. Gareth Leonard

Gareth Leonard also left a marketing position to travel the world. He started his journey in Argentina and began a blog that found great success. Brands pay him between $100 and $400 for written posts and banner advertisements and from $1,000 to $20,000 for videos.

According to Leonard, travel is much like entrepreneurship “because you have to really learn how to be patient, roll with the punches and (realize) no one is going to do something for you. Everything you do is based on your own work ethic.”

5. Garett Gee

After Garett Gee created a mobile scanning app and sold it to Snap Inc for $54 million, he and his wife, Jessica, decided to sell all of their belongings and travel the world. So far, they have taken their two children to Turks and Caicos, Thailand, Australia, Tahiti and Hawaii. Garett and Jessica’s four best tips for traveling with kids? Pack light, skip the fancy cell phone, take advantage of affordable medical care and let your kids adapt. Partnerships with companies like Airbnb and GoPro are part of what have made their journey possible.


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