September 2016

Billionaire Steve Cohen’s performance coach reveals the trait shared by successful traders

    Dr. Gio Valiante, the performance coach at Steve Cohen’s $11 billion family-office hedge fund, said there’s one universal […]

Cash flies commercial and other secrets of moving money

Even in an age of electronic money and digital-payment apps, there is still big demand for cold, hard cash.  The […]

Investing With Impact in Emerging-Market Equities

By Henry D’Auria, Ted Mann, AllianceBernstein, Emerging markets are beginning to attract attention after five tough years. Beyond the return […]

Global Asset Classes: 10-Year Expected Returns​ As of 07/31/2016. Source: These expected returns are calculated by Research Affiliates LLC using data provided by MSCI Inc., […]

Dental Care Bargains in Costa Rica’s Central Valley

By Daphne de Castillejo, International Living, My friend Marie, from the Washington, DC area, recently emailed me: Could I offer […]