May 2015

Hedge fund money going to venture-backed startups is skyrocketing

The amount of venture capital startup companies are raising from hedge funds, mutual funds and others beyond the traditional venture […]

Making Sure The Hedge Fund Survives Disaster When A General Partner Dies Or Is Disabled

The death or disability of a hedge fund general partner can easily result in the collapse of the fund. While […]

Amazing Tricks to get the Most out of your Wine Investment

Wine investment is a rapidly growing sector of the alternative investment market. The underlying principles are the same as for […]


Greenland Group, China’s largest real estate developer by sales, is now teaming up with the country’s largest ecommerce group to […]

Americans Pick Real Estate as Best Long-Term Investment

After a horrible collapse in real estate prices over the course of the recession, and a surge back in prices recently, Americans believe […]

Leveraging Behavioral Simulation to Enhance the Four Percent Rule

Introduction The “4% rule” is a popular asset withdrawal rule of thumb that has historically helped guide retirement planning. While […]

Buttered coffee could make you invincible and one man very rich

He calls the mixture Bulletproof coffee. Drink it, the name implies, and you’ll feel invincible. “Fats and caffeine help stimulate […]

Opportunities and challenges lie in the rise of the robo-adviser in the US

By Beverly Chandler The rise of the automated investment advisory service for individual investors in the US has emerged as […]

Chinese Could Spend $50 Billion on New York City Real Estate Over Next Several Years

Chinese cash injected into New York City real estate reached record levels in 2014. That could be just the beginning. […]

Views from the top: Roth, Barnett and Blau riff on NYC’s market

Views from the top: Roth, Barnett and Blau riff on NYC’s market Developers discuss EB-5 financing, Chinese investment and where […]