July 2014

Capital Markets Reform in China: Gaining Momentum

By Eddie Chow, From Mark Mobius Blog, Reform efforts in China seem to be gaining momentum. The big question is […]

On cloud nine trillion

  On cloud nine trillion Our Asia economics editor takes his leave, less worried than many of his peers about […]

These are the most religious places in the world (and what they’re practicing)

By Simran Khosla, Global Post, This map shows the countries where more than half the population consider themselves practicing members […]

5 collectibles soaring in value

Increased interest in these high-end investments has helped raise their value recently. Record auction prices haven’t hurt. By Vince Calio […]

The Buffett Valuation Indicator: Some Odds and Ends

By Doug Short, Advisor Perspectives, Market Cap to GDP is a relatively long-term valuation indicator that has become popular in […]

The Dollar Under Siege

Bud Conrad, Chief Economist   After World War II, the dollar became the world’s preeminent currency. Convertible to gold at […]

10 companies that changed our world

Many tech startups aim to ‘change the world.’ But disrupting, say, the taxi business is one thing — these pioneers […]

Investing’s Biggest Irony: Everyone Thinks They’re a Contrarian

By Morgan Housel, Motley Fool,   Robert Shiller won the Nobel Prize in economics last year for his research on […]


   BY MICHAEL COLE    The Baccarat Hotel & Residences under construction in New York Smart brokers know the value of […]

How to Manage a Money Crisis, Marine Corps Style

By Dennis Miller Miller’s Money, My boyhood friend Tom G. has been a member of our hometown Citizens Corps for […]