May 2014

How Technology Will Drive the Promising Future of Medicine

From Laissez Faire, Vivek Wadhwa Health care is a misnomer for our medical system. It should be called sick care. […]

Business Start up Loans – Short term loans or line of credit

Sense of imagination and knowledge of innovations are the basic needs for an individual to start a new well structured […]

This map shows which export makes your country the most money

By Simran Khosla, Global Post, Using data from the CIA Factbook, we labeled every country in the world by its […]

Here’s One Reason Why Expats in Panama Are Healthier…

By Larke Newell My husband Gary and I spent a long time researching all of our options for living overseas. […]

This Is How Much It Costs to Live in Panama City

By Jessica Ramesch My first year in Panama City, I started my mornings with a $0.15 cup of strong, dark […]

The 50-year snooze

  Brazilian workers are gloriously unproductive. For the economy to grow, they must snap out of their stupor   Apr […]

Does the index reflect the market on Liv-Ex 100

In the world of wine investing, Liv-Ex is like the New York Stock Exchange. Liv-Ex is short for the London […]

One-Year Master Programs in Netherlands

One-year master programs can work as a good addition to a resume in many cases. Such a variant becomes more […]

The Economy of Ukraine and Geopolitical Threats

Ukraine took a place of a hot topic in news reports and analytical observations in the last several months. Nevertheless, […]

This only took place in 1999 and 2007 … Now it’s happening again!

 By Chris Kimble,   CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Only twice in 35-years has the NYSE Index been at all-time […]