April 2012

Potential homebuyers hit mortgage brick wall

Even good buyers are being shut out of home loans by nervous bankers and stricter government requirements. No one knows […]

11 Irrefutable Signs of a Real Estate Recovery

April 23rd, 2012 by Louis Basenese Auto sales. Consumer confidence. Manufacturing. Retail Sales. Exports. You name it. Over the last […]

The World’s Most Resource-Rich Countries

From 24/7 Wall St site, By -Michael B. Sauter, Charles B. Stockdale, Paul Ausick 24/7 Wall St. performed a detailed […]

Private label products claim rising share of Russian retail market

The largest retailers in Russia are offering a broad range of private label products to provide variety that attracts customers. […]

Romanian construction is on the path to expansion

Recent months have witnessed signs of recovery in the construction sector in Romania, with civil engineering posting the largest overall […]

Educating Ourselves Into Shackles?

By Brian Stoffel There’s a cancer that threatens to poison the global economic recovery, and it’s not Europe or the […]

For Richer (Not For Poorer): The Inequality Crisis of Marriage

By (Nancy Cook) | The Atlantic A Corvette. A home in the Hamptons. A Hermes handbag. Oh, and marriage. […]

Housing: Mixed Signals in Latest Data

By Elizabeth Trotta | Yahoo! Finance   The latest housing data offer the bulls a glimmer to go on, but […]

Central European governments reduce pharmaceutical spending

Several Central European countries are changing their policies on pharmaceutical reimbursements, which may have far reaching effects, especially in the […]

Europe’s Economic Suicide

By PAUL KRUGMAN On Saturday The Times reported on an apparently growing phenomenon in Europe: “suicide by economic crisis,” people […]