October 2011

A “Spectacular Collapse”: Netflix Loses 800,000 Subscribers, Stock Plunges 35%

In 2010 Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was named Fortune Magazine’s Business Person of the Year. How quickly things change. After […]

A Greco-Roman Tragedy: Europe Wrestles With Financial Crisis

You’ve heard of Greco-Roman wrestling. Now there’s a Greco-Roman financial crisis. The headlines coming out of Europe are filled with […]

NIA Exposes Occupy Wall Street Truth

From NIA website, The Occupy Wall Street movement is gaining tons of momentum and is likely to continue picking up […]

Mortgage Modification: What One Non-Profit Lender Is Doing to Help Homeowners

Five years after the housing market peaked, the mortgage mess remains a significant drag on the economy. Banks, policymakers and […]

The Very Best of the Value Investing Congress

By Michael Olsen, CFA, Motley Fool, Day 2 of the Value Investing Congress has come and gone, and it’s been […]

Brazil Still Needs up to 30,000,000 Low Income Homes

It remains very much the case that the new found wealth in the majority of emerging nations continues to be […]

Why Bill Gates Is Buying Inflation Funds

By BRETT ARENDS, Smart Money, If you’re retired, or nearly retired, you probably want three things from your investments: Safety […]

The money manager version of Moneyball

By Amy Feldman, Reuters, NEW YORK, Oct 17 (REUTERS) -In “Moneyball,” the Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane puts together […]

Perfect Climate, Low Property Prices

By Lee Harrison, International Living, I’ve never seen anything like Medellín, Colombia. It has everything I want in a second […]

Monetary Madness — Is the US Monetary System on the Verge of Collapse

By David Galland, The Daily Reckoning The US monetary system — and by extension, that of much of the developed world […]