July 2011

Investing Ahead of the Curve

By Eric Fry, for The Daily Reckoning A fertile imagination is usually the enemy of successful investing. Imaginative investors tend […]

In Las Vegas, Odds Favor Novelty Bets

by Alexandra Berzon, WSJ, Want to put $200 on Johnny Depp for Best Actor? Las Vegas gamblers may soon be […]

Mastering the Machine

by John Cassidy, New Yorker, How Ray Dalio built the world’s richest and strangest hedge fund  ay Dalio, the sixty-one-year-old […]

Homeowners in Denial About Value of Properties

Homeowners, especially those who bought their houses after the real-estate bubble burst, are still having trouble accepting just how much […]

Funds Betting on New Dot-Com Boom

by Sarah Morgan, Smart Money, With LinkedIn valued at nearly $10 billion, and Facebook said to be worth more than […]

Another Hedge Fund For You & Me

By Murray Coleman, Barron’s, Hedge funds typically require $1 million in investable assets just to qualify for consideration. Then they […]

8 Toughest Retirement Decisions

For past generations, planning for retirement was a relatively simple process. When someone reached retirement age, they threw a party, […]

ETFs Seen Hitting $2 Trillion by 2015: Research

by Tom Lydon, ETF Trends, Assets in U.S.-listed exchange traded funds are expected to double by 2015, according to research […]

Right Place to Crash the Plane; Time Running Out for Europe; Nanny State or a Breakup?

By Mike “Mish” Shedlock, Steen Jakobsen, chief economist for Saxo Bank in Copenhagen, pinged me with a personal thought […]

Pharmaceutical distribution in Central Europe in 2011: liberalisation of non-pharmacy and online sales

Pharmaceutical distribution has been liberalised further in Central Europe in 2011, with Bulgaria making the online sale of medicines legal […]